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Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani offers a full specialist medical services with a capacity of 110 beds. It has 18 consultants specialists, who provide comprehensive services to the community of Sungai Petani and environs.

Sub-specialty services are also available that include interventional cardiology, gastroenterology, urogynecology, minimal invasive orthopedics and general surgery.

Our consultants have extensive experience and have been trained by leading hospitals in the country and overseas.

Together with a team of well-trained staffs, Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani strive to ensure its patients receive a high level of quality health care.

Service /Price Details



Room Type  Bed Charge Meal Price
 Room  RM 290.00  RM 35.00
 Single Room    
 Single  RM 220.00  RM 35.00
 Other Rooms    
 Double-Bedded Room  RM 130.00  RM 30.00
 Four-Bedded Room  RM 90.00  RM 30.00
 Six-Bedded Room  RM 80.00  RM 30.00
Intensive Care Unit    
 Room  RM 240.00  Complimentary
High Dependency Unit    
 Room  RM 190.00  Complimentary
 Room  RM 240.00  RM 35.00
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  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time
Layanan emergency room terbaik. Walaupun ramai orang tapi semua petugas bagi layanan yang baik. Dr Teoh Tai Wan jahit kepala anak saya sengan cepat dan kemas. Dia pun sporting! Semua keluarga saya mmg pilih Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani. Servis mmg terbaik dan recommended pada semua.
Reviewer profile
  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time
Interior of the building has been improved, but the ward is insufficient and had to wait for long hour in lobby. Front liner staff also seemed not so friendly.