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Since I was young, I am always try think of myself to become a singer, a model & an actress. so i asked my mom, she answered The future is not ours, to see. 

I always try to find my way. If I think I can , I surely can! Because I am confident of what i am & what i can do & I would love to be the centre of attention!

When I was young , Dad wanted me to be a gymnast, and my mom sent me to swimming classes. However I am an artistic person deep inside through & thorough! So i embarked on a journey starting of with simple photo shoots & brushed up my portfolio right after graduating from high school, so now that will be 4 years of invaluable & wonderful experiences garnered...
I would not say I have a certain style, I prefer to change it up a lot, but I would work very well in shoots where innocence is needed.

I have a profound sense of communicating with those i come in contact with & i love a good laugh, even at the expense of myself- at times! I do have womanly curves, and proud of it & i reckon my best asset is my personality, above all.

FYI: I am comfortable shooting just about anything that is beautiful, tastefully done & for art sake..even topless or artistic/implied shots, if its serves an artistic purpose for me & the price is worthy. And I am only looking for PAID work. I would love to work with other models, both guys and girls.

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