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DESTINO was established on 1st January 2011 at Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru. Destino operates from 2 beautifully constructed Bungalows at Jalan Serampang, Johor Bahru. We have a number of Studios in the Bungalows to cater for our customers' tastes requirements and styles and to pander to every customer's whim and fancy.

So we embark on our "Just Shoot For You" – a creative photography concept to suit our customers' needs. This Concept embodies exclusive and unique wedding gown and design together with a comprehensive range of services to make our customers happy and comfortable – thereby making our customers' wedding an occasion to remember and cherish.

We are proud to have the largest photography studios in Bungalow Lots in Johor Bahru. We strive to improve our services and skills. We continue to embark on innovative ideas, creating different photography styles for both indoor and outdoor setting. From 2011-2015, In our quest to achieve excellence, we participate in many photography competitions and have won 19 World Photography Championship, 7 Second Place awards, 7 Third Place in U.K, U.S and Australia & Asia. In Asia, we have won awards and honours in the Best Photographer & Best Printing on 2014 & 2015. We were awarded 2nd Place in the WPPI Photography and Album Concept Story in U.S – an award which is most meaningful because of the product that was conceived by us.

Destino has also won recognition under the "Smart Consumer and Certified Satisfactory Brands" programme.

Product /Price Info

A bridal gallery in search of romantic artsy photography while trying our very very best to make every customer look their best during the most important day of their lives

Services provided:

  1. Pre-wedding Photography
  2. Oversea Photography
  3. Actual Day Photography
  4. Anniversary Photography
  5. Family Photography
  6. Baby Photography
  7. Pregnant Photography
  8. Personal Portrait Photography
  9. Make Over Service


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Dear all BTB, Just would like to create a thread for us to share about Destino Bridal Gallery in Johor Bahru Malaysia FYI, I am BTB in December and have signed up with them on May 9th 2013. I will share my experiences with this bridal from time to time here in this thread for references purpose. Just to clarify, I am not in one or other way related to them and the review here are solely base on my experiences Other BTB who uses their services, please feel free to share your review here too be it good or bad! My experience: I am served by Joelle, a bubbly lady with a cute laughter. Frankly, she is someone whom is easy going and helpful but no doubts there are times I felt that her friendliness is all about the deal or the sales that she want from me. I did not confirm on my first visit but love them the moments I went in and try their gowns! Their WG is gorgeous, whereas their EG is prominently lesser but still I manage to try 2. I was promised a better discount if I go back to them (via whatsapp from Joelle) but when I go back, I wasn't being offer any better discount but I still signed on due to her customer service skill. Overall Moderately satisfied FYI My package is RM5399! Why am I moderately satisfied only? Here's the reason... As I didn't bring enough cash for the deposit, Joelle told me that her boss do not allowed RM 300 deposit, and asked me to use my SGD Credit Card which I refused!! Then I was told to withdraw money from a nearby ATM to make up the deposit to RM2000! I was a bit upset but figure it could be their 'SOP', so I obliged to top up my deposit to a certain amount and yes I did went to a nearby ATM to withdraw money ( I was drove there by Destino's staff) ....the balance I will be paying them by this week to make it RM2000!
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  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
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Thanks for giving us such a great memorable day. You guys are the best and awesome. Friendly and helpful, help us to make sure the photo session run smoothly. Although it is a tiring day, but it is happy to work with you guys. Thank you so much. Highly recommend everyone to come here if you are looking someone for any photography session.

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