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D EXCEL KIDS International aims to provide effective and quality lessons to children of various age groups. We are at the heart of Puchong residential area, Kuala Lumpur and have been in existence since 1998.

Our aim is to bring out the total potential of the children and help them to gain a competitive edge in their studies by teaching them the right study techniques and to help them relate what they are learning to practical real life situations. Here at D EXCEL KIDS, your child will experience physical, emotional, social and personal development in a Montessori aesthetic environment.

Our mission is to make learning effective, interesting and fun to the Children. We believe it is important to study the smarter way and to cultivate a love for learning in children. Every child has the potential to excel if they have the right attitude.

Montessori education has an International reputation and influence. It is a holistic approach. It develops and educates the child physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally, it is child centered.

Each child progresses at his own pace, not pressured to achieve and encouraged to follow his own path of development. It offers a unique combination of a highly structured curriculum, even at preschool level. Montessori children are enthusiastic learners.

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  • Preschool program
  • Daycare services (Hourly, Half-day, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Childcare
  • Toddlers' Point
  • Play School (Play Haven)
  • Enrichment Classes (English & Mandarin)
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