List of Personal Trainers in KL and Selangor-Malaysia


Looking for a personal trainer in KL? Doesn’t like the trainer in your fitness centre? Don’t worry, we compiled a list of personal trainers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that you have been looking for! Check if there is one near your workout place:

  1. Azmir

Description: A freelance fitness trainer certified in International Kickboxing Federation and National Fitness Council. Experienced in bodybuilding and weight loss program.
Pricing: RM 50 per session

Area of coverage: Ampang, Keramat, Pandan Indah, around Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 60124410171

  1. Jason Lee

Description: A strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Pricing: RM 180 per session for personal training. RM 40 per person for group personal training. Minimum 5 person and maximum 8 person in one class.

Area of Coverage: Bandar Baru Seri Petaling

Phone: 60176157572

  1. Faisal

Description: A freelancer trainer and willing to travel around. Services include private personal trainer, grouping trainer, outdoor trainer, home trainer, dietician, nutritionist consultant, program designer. Certified in personal training and coaching with 9 years experience.

Pricing: RM 1200 for 12 sessions. RM 1920 for 24 session, RM 2100 for 30 session (Deal with seller for better quotation)

Area of coverage: Batu Caves, Seri Rampai, Wangsa Maju, Cheras, Damansara, Shah Alam

Phone: 60124018141

  1. Lilani Perera

Description: A personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Has over 20 years of experience.

Pricing: RM 250 per hour for come over. RM 250 per hour for personal training session. RM 120 per month for 4 Zumba session. RM 150 for 8 Zumba session. RM 170 for 12 Zumba session. For unlimited class RM 200 per month, class is from Monday to Saturday. For Muscle class is available in Monday is from 0800, Wednesday is from 1030, Saturday is from 0800. Additional RM 10 for the muscle class. 1 free trial session available.

Area of coverage: Kuala Lumpur Golf City Centre for members. Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club for everyone.

Phone: 60123367185

  1. Jasper Lee

Description: Specialize in Weight Management, Nutrition Advice, and certified Smart Care, ACE certified, sport and personal program for individual. Trial class available. Holding Smart Core Trigger Foam Roller certified, Contemporary nutrition certified.

Pricing: RM 80- RM 100 depends on session. RM 80 for 30 sessions. RM 100 for 10 sessions.

Area of coverage: Cheras and Petaling Jaya.

Phone: 60173314202

  1. Jay Goh

Description: A fitness trainer working with Gorgeous Fitness @ Bukit Tinggi

Phone: 60162687300

  1. Luba Lozovskaya

Description: A personal trainer offering Zumba Fitness, Aqua Zumba, Kids Zumba, TRX and PT.

Pricing: RM 30 for trial class. RM 150 per session( cheaper with packages )

Area of coverage: Bangsar, Damansara Height, Mont Kiara

Phone: 60129170242

  1. Hilmi Rashid

Description: A fitness trainer working with Fitness First @ The Curve

Pricing: RM 2862 for 30 session. RM 2003.40 for 20 session. RM 1155.40 for 10 session.

Area of coverage: Petaling Jaya. Willing to travel

Phone: 60162489609

  1. Ameer Oesman

Description: A fitness instructor. Circuit training, body toning and others.

Pricing: RM 50 per session

Area of coverage: Shah Alam, Willing to travel.

Phone: 60176585672

10. Tom Wong

Description:  Provide 1 on 1 Personalised Fitness Program to assist in achieving fitness goals. Give extra motivation, teach the correct techniques, track progress and share diet and nutrition information that need. With 12 years’ of experience in weight loss, body toning and SlimFit Muscular training as well as training in V-Cut Abs, hundreds of clients reach their fitness goal and desire body weight in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Pricing: RM180 per session 

Area of Coverage: Mont Kiara and Bangsar

Phone: 60173608282

Do you know of anyone good that we may miss? Or you want to be included in our list here? Just email us here and we’ll talk! Anyway, do you know the 7 Important Things You Should Know Before Joining Any Fitness Centre in Malaysia? No? Read it. 

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