Diesel Price August 2017

Diesel Price up, or down? Check out my estimation of petrol and diesel price for August 2017 with our most comprehensive analysis data.

Month Prediction Actual Price
20-26 July 1.950 RM1.96
27 July-2 August 1.996 RM1.99
3-9 August 2.042 RM2.05
10-16 August  2.082 RM2.06
17-23 August 2.075 RM2.04
24-30 August 2.020 Fix on 23 August

Next Month Prediction Price for RON95

Next Month Prediction Price for RON97

Since 2014, the price of Diesel will be floating according to the international crude oil price on monthly basis. Government will only announce next month’s diesel price at the last day of the month. However, starting April 2017, government will make the announcement on every week, instead of month. That means we will have a new petrol price every week. The announcement will be made on Wednesday and takes effect on Thursday. 

If you can predict the changes of diesel price, you may be able to save some money for a few Teh Tarik every week. I'm trying to help you to score that extra Teh Tarik here. Every week, I will make my prediction of the diesel price based on a secret formula that I developed specially for this purpose.

The calculation involved analysis of long and short term trend of RM vs USD and refined oil price.

Also, depending on the latest development, I may change and update our prediction from time to time. Usually (and logically speaking), the closer it is to the date of annoucement (ie Wednesday), the more accurate it will be.

I will update our latest prediction of RON95RON97 on other page too, so do bookmark these page and visit here to see if we can help you to get a couple of Teh Tarik for free.

Table below show the Refined oil price  (from Singapore Gasoil Platts, average spot, second and third month ) and ringgit conversion data (from Bank Negara Malaysia, 5pm closing time)  for this month. The details calculation is on fuel price formula.

1 August, 2017 64.04 4.283
2 August, 2017 64.70 4.2825
3 August, 2017 64.79 4.279
4 August, 2017 64.27 4.2785
7 August, 2017 63.09 4.2835
8 August, 2017 63.96 4.2855
9 August, 2017 63.82 4.2885
10 August, 2017 64.29 4.2915
11 August, 2017 63.94 4.295
14 August, 2017 64.07 4.294
15 August, 2017 62.77 4.2965
16 August, 2017 62.65 4.297
17 August, 2017 62.10 4.2935
18 August, 2017 62.73 4.2885

Next Month Prediction Price for RON97

Formula of Calculation

Next Month Prediction Price for RON95

Harga Minyak Ron95