Confinement Centre Promotion Package

Looking for Confinement Centre? Here is the list of package price from Click on the name of each confinement centre to find out their contact details.

Confinement Centre


Confinement Meal Delivery

Special Promotion


Nejlika Confinement Centre

Ampang, KL


Mystery Gift for LookP Member

RM 8,588-RM 9,388

Pelangi First Class Confinement Care Centre

Johor Bahru, Johor



RM 6,000+ - RM7,000+

U Po Confinement Centre

Skudai, Johor


Special Promotion 20% off & Souvenirs Gift

RM 6,280-RM 6,960

Mother Baby Care Confinement Centre

Johor Bahru, Johor



RM 7,699+

Mamamia Confinement Centre

Ipoh, Perak



RM 5,899-RM 6,199

SN Confinement Centre

Sri Petaling, KL



RM 7,500-RM 10, 000

We Care Confinement Centre

Gelugor, Penang



RM 5,500-RM 6,500

E Mother Confinement Centre




RM 4,200-RM 5,100

1. Nejlika Confinement Centre (Ampang KL)

Their package published rate start from RM 9,388 and we are now offering a discount, with cash/cheque payment start from RM 8,588 only. On top of that, they are giving out freebies worth more than RM 1,000 for customer signing up 28-days accommodation package.
Package includes:

  • 28-days stay with 5 daily healthy and nutritional meals prepared by two experienced chefs
  • All room are single basis (i.e. no sharing required)
  • Their nursery is fully equipped with quarantine room and air purification system to prevent cross-infections to our babies
  • Provide additional service like Infant Massage course, mommy’s breast massage (to stimulate breast milk production), Malay traditional urut, customized tonic soup designed by Chinese medical practitioner and Nutritionist, baby jaundice monitoring, post-natal exercise program & etc

2. Pelangi First Class Confinement Care Centre (Johor Bahru, Johor)

Price range from RM 6,000++ to RM 7,000++
Combination of modern and Traditional Confinement Care
Package included:

  • Professional baby sitter
  • Professional nurse for check-up
  • Nutrition confinement meal
  • Daily herbal soup
  • Unlimited ginseng red date tea
  • Night time herbal food
  • 28 days herbal for bath
  • Free diapers and baby daily products
  • Whole day recording baby health
  • Traditional massage
  • Confinement meal delivery services

Special package promotion which worth RM 400 for those who sign up single room package.

3. U Po Confinement Centre (Skudai, Johor)

Package Price: VIP Room RM 6,960, Standard Room RM 6,280
In celebration of 2017 new born baby, they have a special promote of 20% OFF & souvenir gift.
30 days confinement promotion package:

  • Comfort and new staying environment
  • 5 meals per day (included 1 Herbal Soup, and Jujubae Fructues Tea
  • Supply Su He Wan & Wu Jin Wan Herbs
  • Herbs bath water
  • 24 hours babysitting
  • Included all baby products diapers (excluded milk powder)
  • Certificate of maternal & child care
  • Residential area have Security 24 hours monitoring

4. Mother Baby Care Confinement Centre (Johor Bahru, Johor)

Special Package Promotion RM 7,699
Single Room Package Included:

  • LED Television
  • Air conditional
  • Wi-Fi
  • Baby product (Excluded formula milk powder & diapers)
  • Alarm system, access control CCTV
  • 24 Hours experience nanny care
  • Arrange professional doctor to check-up for both mummy and baby
  • Provide Chinese traditional medicine for baby (e.g Pearl Powder)
  • Arrange shaving for baby (full moon)
  • 5 meals per day
  • Provide herbal for mummy to bath
  • Fully support breast feeding
  • Room cleaning and clothes cleaning service
  • Provide traditional massage service

5. Mamamia Confinement Centre (Ipoh, Perak)

Twin sharing room RM 5,899, single room RM 6,199
Package Included:

  • 5 meals per day
  • 24 hour nursing care for mummy and baby
  • Transportation for mummy and baby to clinic for check-up
  • Bedtime herbal soup
  • 24 hour air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Baby product

Mummy just need to prepare for personal hygiene products, mummy and baby full moon clothing.
Confinement meal delivery service RM 2,100 (Only within Ipoh)
Package Include:

  • Lunch and dinner (will be delivered only one time per day)
  • Rice, vegetable, 2 type of meat and red date tea
  • Daily herbal soup (RM 700)

Fares: RM200

6. SN Confinement Centre (Sri Petaling, KL)

Package A - Confinement lady for 28 days
Responsibilities include as below:

  • Taking care of after birth mother and baby
  • Washes after birth mother's and baby's laundries
  • 24 hours taking care of baby , preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup or refreshments for mother
  • Clearing kitchen after cooking and washing dishes

Package B- Stay in service cost from RM7500 - RM10,000
28days confinement dietary programmed:

  • 5 meals a day
  • Daily supply of special selected nutritious herbal soup
  • Daily supply of herbal tea for clearing blood clots and reduce inflammation of uterus and vagina
  • Supply of herbal bath (mother and baby)
  • Provide full supply mom and baby amenities
  • FREE 3 times Malay traditional massage (1 hour)

Package C- Food Catering
2 meals provided (lunch and dinner) include:

  • 2 type of meats
  • 2 type of vegetables
  • Brown rice
  • Red date drink

Herbal soup

7. We Care Confinement Centre (Gelugor, Penang)

Luxury Room (RM 6,500)
The package includes:

  • Private room
  • Queen size bed
  • Daddy is allowed to stay overnight
  • Individual wardrobe
  • Individual TV
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Air conditioner

Deluxe Room (RM 5500)

The package includes:

  • Sharing room with super single bed
  • Individual chest drawer
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Air conditioner

Room divider

Package for 30 days stay during your confinement period included:

  • 5 postnatal meals (3 main meal and 2 snacks) Main meal include pork/fish/chicken + vegetable + confinement soup and rice
  • Sor Hup Wan will be provided every morning
  • 2 times of herbal bath after 12 days
  • 5 times of herbal soup after 12 days
  • Unlimited supply of Black Dates Tea, Milo and biscuits
  • Free laundry services (not included for inner wear)
  • Baby daily use will be provided: baby wears, shower creams, diapers, towels, wet tissues and formula powder
  • 24-hours baby room care service
  • Daily recording of baby intake and diapers
  • 24-hours care service by experienced Chinese nannies
  • Breastfeeding will be fully supported

8. E-Mother Confinement Centre (Penang)

Package Price Start from RM 4,200-RM 5,100 (Single Room, Twin Sharing, Triple Room) for 30 days.

  • Fully equipped, clean & refreshing seafront environment
  • Experienced confinement nannies which all are well trained (Chinese Ladies)
  • Air & water purifying system, fire extinguisher system, CCTV system & fully Air-conditioned
  • Baby formula powder & drypers are cover for 30 days
  • 5 Traditional nutrition home cook postnatal meals a day with daily Soh Hup Pil steamed with ginger and herbal soup
  • Provide herbal for bath
  • Fully furnished with superb air & water purifying system & CCTV
  • Fully support breastfeeding
  • Provide confinement meal delivery service

It is better to choose a confinement centre which you feel comfortable rather than choosing it based on their package price. Visit for the complete list of confinement centre.

Besides, we also have Chinese Version of Confinement Centre Promotion Package.