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Hi there! My name is Cindy Chang . I am the founder and chief bridal stylist for Beauty Haven. Venturing out on my own to start Beauty Haven in year 2000
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I engaged Cindy from Beauty Haven because when I asked her to give me recommendations for make up artists specifically mentioning I wanted a natural look for my actual wedding day, she told me she is the “queen of the natural look.” I had one trial with her and due to the fact we only had limited time in KL (as we live abroad), I agreed to hire her because I couldn’t be bothered to spend more time getting my face painted and hair pulled and prodded. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have made a few appointments for makeup trials and hired a different makeup artist since beauty and hair is such an important factor to any bride and also a makeup artist that is punctual. The reason I leave this review online is because I tried to search for reviews before hiring her but there was no where for independent reviews. Pros: My makeup on the actual wedding day turned out quite well. See point on hair below in cons. She gave me 2 makeup trials for free (i think it’s also because the first trial was very early on before I even decided on my dresses, so the second makeup trial was scheduled a week before my wedding by which time I had finalised my dresses). She also gives some free samples of face products when you have a makeup trial. Cons: She turned up late on the morning of my wedding and only finished my makeup more than halfway through the games – which meant I didn’t have time to take “bride getting ready” photos because by then the photographers & videographers had gone downstairs to take photos of the games and I didn’t manage to take photos with my family and bridesmaids. Being late is bad enough if she is just the makeup artist, but she is both the makeup artist and wedding planner who should have been well aware of the schedule and implications of being late. While her make up is quite natural you have to ask for it to be natural as possible. After my second makeup trial, my dad told me that my make up looked very “fierce” which I agreed. She doesn’t use ampoules – most makeup artist use this to help make up stay but she said it’s not good for your skin when I asked her why she wouldn’t use it Messy & not so good hair styling – If I remember correctly, she started out as a makeup artist at a cosmetic counter and moved into wedding makeup. In my opinion her skill with hair is not as good as many other less experienced makeup artists I used. Since hiring her, I had my makeup done for my ROM (or civil registration), pre wedding photo shoot and makeup artists for friend’s weddings by other makeup artists. I don’t like anything too elaborate, i like simple but elegant and wanted a loose and tussled up do and showed her some of the examples I liked on my pinterest page but the results was rather messy and frizzy looking. I know it’s not my hair because other makeup artists have managed to make my hair look shiny and silky and I also saw photos of other brides that she’s worked on (acquaintances on facebook and they too had the same messy frizzy hair look) and although she managed to go through 4 hairstyles with me, I didn’t really like any of those that she proposed. I will post a photo of my actual day hair when I get my photos from the photographer as an example of what I mean. No veils and limited hair accessories – I wanted to borrow a veil from her as many of my friends used veils and hair accessories provided by their makeup artists. I asked her quite far in advance (>6 months) to send me pictures of the veils she had so I could decide on whether to purchase my own or borrow one from her and she did not tell me until 1 2 months before the wedding that she did not have a veil to lend me. I also hired Beauty Haven’s assistant makeup artists for my mum, mum in law, sister in law and 3 bridesmaids. I have to say the charges were extremely high (quoted me RM250 per person, per session) considering the standard of services provided. My bridesmaids and mums were not happy with their makeup and didn’t want to complain but were actually really upset when they found out we had paid that price for their makeup and hair because it certainly did not meet their expectations. Besides the usual pleasantries and greeting one of the first things my best friend asked me when I came down to the cocktail reception was – “how much did you pay for my makeup and hair?” and the next day I heard from my mum in law that her hair was so badly done, she just told the makeup artist to leave it so she could fix it herself later when the makeup artist had gone.