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Adlan is an accomplished and versatile psychological illusionist known for his abilities to seemingly read minds, manipulate lifeless objects and control human thoughts and behaviour.

While he does not claim to have supernatural powers, his experience and skills in magic, misdirection, suggestion and observation creates the illusion of having a so-called 'sixth' sense which he uses in his performances.

Any event will be an unforgettable one with Adlan as your entertainer.

Service /Price Details

The following is a list of the different performances to suit your event.

1. 45 Minute Stage Performance
Adlan will perform an exciting set filled with top notch mind reading, humour, mystery and audience participation. Suitable for corporate dinners and events.

2. 20 Minute Stage Performance
A shorter version of the 30 minute show, Adlan will leave the audience full of wonder and amazement!

3. Walkaround
Adlan will mingle amongst your guests and perform close-up mentalism.

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